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How is it attached?

Joseph Paris offers basic methods of attachment, but each method utilizes his own particular innovations to provide our clients with the most secure options that will NOT cause you to lose additional hair as other methods sometimes do.

Double-sided Tape

For normal wear, most of our clients find our transparent double-side tape, which is available in various strengths, sufficient to secure the hair system to their head. This method gives you the option of removing the hair system daily, which is recommended whenever possible, or keeping it on for up to two-weeks at a time.

Our custom hair replacement systems feature the most natural-looking hairlines available anywhere and utilize production techniques that founder Joseph Paris developed while designing wigs and hairpieces for film & television where the unforgiving eye of the camera demands complete undetectability. To achieve this, our hair systems may be attached using a combination of double-sided tape and a special liquid adhesive at the hairline, which will secure the transparent foundtion material to your skin. This allows you to pull your hair back and style it off your face with complete confidence.


If you have enough of your own hair, clips are an option that allows you to clip the foundation of the hair system into your own hair. This method of attachment requires the least amount of maintenance and is the easiest to take on and off daily. If you wear a hair system that features a front hairline, you may chose to clip in the back and use either tape or liquid adhesive to secure the front hairline for the most natural appearance. Clips are sometimes available on other hair systems, but we use a special type of clip with a low, flat bite that does not cause pull-stress on your hair or scalp when clipped in place. Beware of any company that uses a clip with a high arch when the clip is open. These clips will pull out your existing hair over time as you open and close them.


Bonding is a method of attachment whereby we bond the hair system to your head using a medical-grade adhesive, and you can wear the hair system for up to a month at a time without taking it off. This method requires you to come to our salon every 3 - 4 weeks to have the hair system removed and professionally cleaned while our stylists trims your existing hair.

Bonded hair systems will not last as long as with other methods of attachment, because they are subject to more stress and wear. However, for many clients who appreciate having their hair system professionally maintained and want to live the most active and anonymous life with hair replacement, bonding is often the method of attachment they choose.

Inferior methods of bonding are often used by other companies that make it difficult to wear the hair system longterm, because the adhesive used around the perimeter of the hair system causes a barrier that traps soap, dirt, and bacteria that should be rinsed away when bathing or showering. Joseph Paris utilizes a special technique that alleviates this and makes bonding a viable option. Bonding is an excellent form of attachment, but only when done by salon with the proper skill and expertise.