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The Ultimate In Hair Replacement

What about hair transplants?

In recent years the quality of surgical options for hair replacement has improved, but they have never lived up to the hype. Consider this: If you are losing your hair to a sufficient degree to warrent hair replacment in the first place, how will transplanting some of it from front to back ever give you a full head of hair?

Joseph Paris is capable of designing a custom hair replacement system for you that will look far more pleasing than any surgical option, and you will not have to deal with the risks associated with surgery.

If you are considering hair transplants, it's important that you wait until your hair loss has stabilized before you have them. We have many clients who went for hair transplants as soon as their hairlines started to recede, only to discover a few years later that their hair line kept receding behind the new transplanted hair, leaving an obvious gap and giving their secret away to everyone. Additional transplants is a quick fix for this, but it becomes a never-ending cycle, and, in the end, you will never be able to give yourself a full head of hair.

The most viable option

For clients who are serious about getting transplants, we encourage them to have just a hairline done by a very reputable transplant surgeon, and wear a custom hair replacement system behind that for the most natural appearance. This way, a full head of hair is now an option, and you will not have to subject yourself to multiple sugeries over time that are guaranteed to never result in finally in a satisfactory appearance.