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What's wrong with ordering a hairpiece "direct" from a website?

A custom hair replacement system is like anything else-- you get what you pay for. You can buy clothing online without trying it on, and sometimes, when the price is cheap enough, it makes sense. Of course, when the garment arrives, if it doesn't turn out to look as good on you as you thought it would, you can always decide not to wear it. Hair replacement is a little different. When you purchase a hair system, chances are you plan to wear it every day in order to conceal your hair loss. And if your direct order turns out not to look that great, or if it falls apart quickly, then what? You have to keep on wearing it, don't you?

In recent years, many websites have popped up that claim to sell custom hairpieces at ridiculously low prices. Some of them even claim that they are from the same factories that other hairpiece studios order from, and sometimes that's true. But a lot goes into the design and production of a custom hair system that you will never be able to replicate by purchasing a bargain basement product that is not custom made for you by a talented designer. And you will NEVER be able to order a hairpiece from any website that is made with the same techniques or materials as our custom hair systems.

But you don't have to take our word for it. The one thing we can say about some of these "Direct Order" sites is that the hairpieces are so cheap, it's easy enough to buy one and compare for yourself if you really think it's as easy as that. We'll be happy to let you compare ours to theirs during your private consultation with Joseph Paris.