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Joseph Paris Naturally offers the ultimate in custom hair replacement systems. They look incredibly natural and positively undetectable. In recent years, the hair replacement industry has seen a surge in "wholesale direct" hairpiece suppliers who claim that they're offering the same hair systems you would purchase from your local hairpiece studio at a fraction of the price. And, in many cases, that may be the case. But Joseph Paris Naturally creates truly custom-designed hair systems for each individual client, and our designs, materials, and techniques are not available anywhere else.

Experience and Success

They say that experience and success are the hallmarks of an expert in any field, and Joseph Paris has enjoyed an abundance of both. For over 45 years, Joseph Paris has created custom wigs and hairpieces for film, television, theater, heads of state, and private citizens that are completely undetectable. Throughout that time, he introduced many of the design innovations that eventually became widespread throughout the industry. But imitation is no substitute for quality, and no other hair replacement company can offer a product that looks this natural or that is as easy to live with on a daily basis.

Contact us today to schedule a free, private consultation with Joseph Paris. Our consultation is not a sales pitch. We honestly believe that the quality of our product speaks for itself. So the consultation is really an opportunity for you to get all of your questions about hair replacement answered by an expert and to see the quality of our product with your own eyes.

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Joseph Paris has been designing custom wigs and hairpieces for film and television for many years, where the unforgiving eye of the camera calls for the highest quality in design and technique. This kind of quality in hair replacement is only available to the public from Joseph Paris. Call (800) 374-4424 for a free, no-obligation consultation.