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Customized Wig Solutions for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can vary greatly from one person to the next, so there isn’t an (out of the box/ready-to-wear) wig solution that’s right for anyone. A great example analogy proving this point is in the field of dentistry. It’s no surprise that there are no retail shops selling (out of the box/ready-to-wear) false teeth solutions. If we lost our teeth and tried to replace them with something (out of the box/ready-to-wear) 9 out of 10 times in that attempt, we’d look ridiculous.

The same is true in replacing hair. That’s why Joseph Paris custom designs each hair replacement specifically for each individual client. A custom fit allows you to utilize as much of your own hair as possible. The more we show off your own hair when blending it with a prosthetic, the more natural it’s going to look. Our custom designs recreate your exact hairline specifications down to every single hair, restoring your natural appearance.

If you’ve worn stock hairpieces or wigs before to conceal your hair loss in the past, then you already know that they often look unnatural and can be uncomfortable to wear. Our custom hair systems are lightweight and easy to maintain. Most importantly, they look completely natural and give you the ability to lead an active lifestyle with complete confidence.

Many different types of attachments are available. If your hair loss is medically related and your hair begins to grow back, the attachment of your hair system can be modified, allowing the regrowth of your new hair. The hair regrowth will occur as you are wearing the MHP System. The newly growing hair doesn’t have to be exposed until you feel it’s long enough to cut and style.

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Solutions For Men and Women

Joseph Paris will create a hair replacement system that is designed to allow you to wear your hair in any style. Men and women have different needs when it comes to their hair. Each product is custom-made to fit your type of hair, degree of hair loss, and, most importantly, your lifestyle. During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss all of your needs and even see some of our designs in person with your own eyes. Man or woman, young or old, our custom hair systems for thinning hair will be designed just for you.

Thinning Hair Solutions



“I’m so glad you haven’t lost your hair.”

It’s a comment our clients hear with surprising regularity — sometimes even from their doctors. Our Medical Hair Prosthesis product is unlike any other wig. It is specifically designed for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or who have other forms of medically related hair loss. Hair Replacement Expert Joseph Paris designed the MHP to look completely natural and to be extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The design even features a patented process by which we can harvest your own hair before you undergo treatment, and we utilize that hair in order to create the most convincing hairline possible. After all, what could look more natural than your own hair?

We take great pride in our work and in knowing that our clients are finding the social and psychological will to face their treatment because they can still look natural and healthy while fighting their illness. The process starts as soon as you know that you will need to undergo chemotherapy, so consider booking a consultation soon or contact us once you’ve had a chance to review the information on this website.

Cancer Hair Solutions



Finally, a REAL option for people with Alopecia
Why have I lost my hair? What can I do about it? These are the first questions a person asks when diagnosed with Alopecia. To maintain a natural-looking appearance, a Medical Hair Prosthesis is the optimal solution.

For years, people with Alopecia Totalis and Universalis have had to resort to wearing stock wigs or inferior products. These products are heavy, hot, uncomfortable to wear, and tend to cause itching and irritation. Most machine-made wigs are often very noticeable.
Our product is different.

We believe that wearing a wig should make you feel confident in your appearance. You should grin when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. You should be as active as you want to be and live a totally anonymous life as a person with Alopecia. Joseph Paris has designed the Medical Hair Prosthesis to support an active daily life that a person with Alopecia deserves to enjoy.

When the efforts of Cortisone injections, Acupuncture, and Trichology have failed, an MHP System will allow the patient to look and feel good about their appearance. Book a consultation with yourHAIRx today.



For Children

If you could change a child’s life, would you?
At yourHAIRx we can change the lives of children every day by creating the most natural-looking hair prosthesis.

Hair loss affects everyone emotionally, regardless of age. Young children with hair loss notice they are different from their peers, and teenage children are becoming more self-aware. Hair loss is extremely painful emotionally and often underestimated.

The MHP System does not look or feel like a wig, and the return of one's self-esteem is immediate once their natural look has been restored.

Depression is swiftly replaced with ease and comfort. Confidence has room to grow, and the joy and innocence of childhood return.

The MHP Hair System truly provides a holistic benefit for children and adolescents with hair loss.


For Men

Whether you are currently wearing a hair system from another company or you’ve never tried hair replacement before, you’ll find your private consultation at Joseph Paris Naturally to be incredibly informative. As someone suffering from hair loss, you know the trauma involved in doing any type of social activity, and we can truly sympathize with what you’re going through.

Our consultation is not a cheap sales pitch.

It’s the opportunity for you to find out about all of your options in hair replacement so that you can make a decision about what’s right for you. What may be the right choice for one person may not necessarily be the right choice for all. That’s why you need help from someone with the knowledge and experience to give you the facts about what works and what doesn’t. In addition to having access to a wealth of knowledge about the industry, its champions, and its thieves, you’ll also have the opportunity to see what you would look like wearing a Joseph Paris hair replacement system. Whether you have Alopecia, advanced male pattern baldness or you’re just beginning to develop thinning hair, you’ll have the chance to see with your own eyes what Joseph Paris can create.
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During the consultation, we’ll discuss the different types of hair systems on the market, companies you’ve heard of, and also methods of attachment. But most importantly, we’ll explain what we can do for you. While that includes showing you what our product looks like in comparison to what you may be wearing now (if anything), we’ll also show you how our product eliminates many of the problems experienced by wearers of other systems, such as: itching, odor, color changes, hair that falls out, unnatural hairline, too much hair, etc. If you’re currently wearing a hair system, then you’ll find this aspect of the consultation most informative. You can finally say goodbye to the “club” system and the headaches of being locked into service contracts and having to shave your head. Imagine wearing one natural-looking system for two years before you have to purchase it again!

Already Wear a Wig or Hairpiece?

Do the following questions or problems arise?

  • Why does my human hair wig tangle and change color?
  • Why does my synthetic wig frizz up at the back of my neck?
  • Why does my hairline turn dark when using adhesives?
  • How can I prevent the hair from reverting underneath my wig, causing my scalp to itch?
  • I use double-sided tape, and my scalp gets inflamed. How can I prevent this?
  • My wig does not fit well and rides up the back of my neck, creating a pocket in the back of my wig.
  • My wig is too hot.
  • I can’t wear my wig in a ponytail or updo.
  • My human hair wig sheds hair.

If so, you need to book a free consultation for a chance to get all of your questions answered by the world’s foremost authority on hair replacement for medically related hair loss.